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Advice to new seller

I am Jawahar, a graphic designer. It has been over a month since I have started my gigs and yet I have no orders in my dashboard. I see so many comments in the forum stating they got their first order within a weak or two. Can you help me with tips to get orders.

Thank you


be patients and do marketing yourself

Be patient, and make ads for yourself! I’m also new here, and Ive gotten a few orders already by asking friends and family to reach out to their friends for me, and linking my Fiverr on other websites, it really helps, especially if you go on platforms where people are looking for the service you sell.

Before you get any reviews, it’s great to have a good foundation built: profile picture, professional description, etc. And as much as it sucks now, you’ll need to start with lower prices and raise them slowly.

Also, check Buyer Requests EVERYDAY!! Send out as many offers as you can and just keep being patient, you’ll eventually get your first order and hopefully things get up on their feet from there.

Best of luck to you!

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To get more orders and sales, make your gigs attractive use catchy thumbnails and tags and correct SEO.
Send all 10 Buyer request in a professional and precised way to get orders. But do not fully depend on that, you need to do marketing yourself.
Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks normally to get first order if you send all 10 buyer request daily. For me, it took only 9 days to get my first order. After the first order is completed others orders will follow unexpectedly. You need to be patient.
Try to impress buyers if they inbox you to receive an order.
Keep your work sample / portfolio ready, because many buyers ask for it before placing an order.

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Hi there,

Based on what i see is that you failed to build a outstanding gig preview.
With your current gigs…, you will having hard time getting order.

  1. Portfolio is not great. Very standart - Like a student work.
  2. Never use same portfolio for other gigs… It’s makes you like a newsbie with no experience
  3. Some of your gigs is blurry? It’s fatal for graphic designer.
  4. I realize that you only using “font” for your main logo idea? and pick a very common font too (for other logo) :frowning:

Overall…, my opinions, with your current skill…, you won’t be able to compete with other logo designer.

Lastly: Your GIGS is ALL Logo Design service…, (Not recommended)

With you luck,