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Advice towards improving my sales/views - Sales stuck


Currently I am getting into Fiverr as an account that sells services for 3D Modeling and currently
my sales have been literally stuck as of recent. I haven’t seen ANY movement in my views, clicks or impressions. I was wondering if I’d been doing something wrong that perhaps is making my gigs less viewable?

Here are my gigs:

And here are my stats:

Any advice would be very helpful, thank you for your time.

Suggest you check out the competition in your category re pricing as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.


Write a powerful description of your gig and use most popular tags and and titles.
Thing like a SEO and find how you can get first page, it is all about search engine so better description, key words and titles can get you better results

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Well, the issue is, is that key-terms that are popular I try to use, such as “3D Modeling, Render and Texture.” However, the store is saturated so much with other artists, so mine fails to bring myself up.
And, other than guaranteeing fast-response and what not, I’m not sure how to improve upon it.

Also my Fiverr may not be providing accurate analytics, since I know for certain since it says two people went to my gig, through this link. And my Fiverr stats has not updated anything, with the same amount of stats as a day ago, and a day before that, so on.

Shares can also help, so share your gig at your social media accounts like facebook, linckedin etc.

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