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Advice with Dixie

I’m thinking about adding an advice gig (or specifically offering it in my current gig). Here’s a taste of what it would be


:bulb: Brilliant idea! I’d definitely buy this gig! :stuck_out_tongue:

My questions are cray just an fyi.

OMG, I can’t stop laughing! :joy:


Looking good.

Seeing the recent developments (Fiverr denying fun ‘sign-holder gigs’ etc.), perhaps it may be a good idea to have separate “serious,business-oriented” / “fun” gigs, as far as possible, at least, just in case, so you won´t have all your reviews on one gig that may be denied at some point.


Very clever, I liked it. You should be on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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Dang, you go girl!!!
I am so happy to see that you are getting many orders too.

Now, the question is, what kind of advice should I get…
what question can I ask… * puts on thinking hat *

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Definitely! Awesome show. RuPaul is the King & Queen of drag. :smile:

Hey @zeus777 did you ever get a chance to watch an episode?

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Actually, I did see one on Youtube…ONE EPISODE.

I HAD to stop since I knew that I will keep watching…you know, the common
youtube trap we all fall into?.. and I had gigs to work on.
BUT, I’ll be hitting the gym soon so I’ll be binge watching
the show for sure while working out. It will keep me motivated!!!

I have to say, what the ladies were doing/saying in the show was very entertaining, but
I think I was more busy paying attention to their hair and makeup, nails etc!!
Makes me wonder how long it takes to get ready…


I LOVE it. To be sure that you don’t get your gig denied, I would save the more adult-oriented parts for a portfolio link on YouTube that you only give to customers who ask for it. You could mention in the description that the advice can be humorous, blunt and if preferred, for mature audiences, but I wouldn’t go further that that in what is seen on Fiverr.

Your gig video could be something that still uses your fantastic wit but is perhaps related to direct life coaching, a funny commercial for a product with your advice in it, that sort of thing. Stuff that a business might buy but that personal users would also see potential in. For example, Fiverr has had some business commercials created for themselves that are really edgy/funny and they do buy gigs. They don’t seem to like it when the gig samples go that far into adult humor, tough.

Fiverr CS WILL look at your potential gig if you send it to them and give you an OK or a :-1: so that might be helpful. The only problem there is that rules can change without warning even after you have an OK.


Well, a Drag King is a female who dresses up as a male. So maybe Janet dresses up as Justin Bieber or whoever and does a song. I once saw a Drag King perform, it was OK. I prefer drag queens, they’re so much fun.


Funny stuff! :joy:

Look at this one. WOW!

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What do you say about this one?

Amazing! Even down to the crotch. :sweat_smile: A cosplayer?

Yes, a cosplayer, not a drag king. :smiley_cat:

And actually a very feminine and beautiful lady. :slight_smile:

Like this.

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