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Advices about withdrawal

Hi guys, please help me with this simple question…

I should be doing my first withdrawal in the next few days and I don’t know what’s more convenient?
Should I withdraw the 20dollars expected on that day or is it better for me to wait for the other pending clearances to make a unique withdrawal of a bigger value? Does it change anything when it comes to fees or currency conversion?


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Only initial withdraw need to be a minimum of $20 after that you can do it on any amount.

there is a mandatry wating period of 24 hours for the next withdraw


Thanks…I didn’t know that

Thanks for the reply. Maybe you can help me with this… my first withdrawal should be today, September 18. It’s 8am here in Italy, I checked the amount available for Withdrawal, but there’s still none! Is it normal? When will it become available??

you will need to wait 15 days after the completion of the order.

once you have minimum of $20 next to your profile picture ( Top right of the selling page) you can initiate the withdraw

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