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Advices from a major SEO Agency

We are going to make it as short as possible to all of you that want to advance in it too.

  1. Long term customers come from high quality services,so avoid exaggerated quantity of quality .
  2. Regarding Backlinks ,1 top backlink is far better than 10 weak ones.
  3. Spammy links destroy your ranking,you might start with a boost,but google is extremelly smart these days, and it will not take more than 3-4 days for you to go down.
  4. If you are confident in your backlinks,use them to promote your website.

More tips will come in further posts…

You can see an example of such service details from our first gig we posted here :

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You should move your topic to correct category, means either “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Gig” if you want to list your Gig link on forum post.

Second option is to remove the link from your post.

Advice from me.

Remove this: " Obligation : You are requested to post a review if you want to be able to buy a 2nd time." from your description. :wink:


If Fiverr sees this or finds out later your account will be restricted.

This is a direct violation of TOS.

I think even deleting it might not help him at this point since clearly it means they did not read TOS.

Hi , I will move them once I get to my PC.

Also I don’t understand what the obligation should be removed (or is just an advice?) as it actually does a service to potential clients by having more reviews (whether good or bad) from which they can take a decision

I mean this comes from your Gig’s description.

You can’t demand posting a review. Period.

It’s my advice to remove this sentence from description but decision is yours.

Ok I’ll remove it ,even though it makes no sense and it’s clear that it’d have benefited the client

  1. It’s not allowed to ask for a review, let alone demand it.

  2. As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, leaving a review is the prerogative of the buyer. They’re not obliged to leave a review, and sellers are not allowed to have terms that contradict Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

  3. After the order is marked as complete, Fiverr reminds the buyer to leave a review. Twice. If the buyer still doesn’t want to leave a review, your gig description isn’t going to convince them. Some buyers have their reasons for not leaving a review, and demanding one in the gig description would just put them off.

Do you leave a review for every service or product you purchase, and how would you feel if you were not allowed to purchase a new quantity of something you liked because you didn’t leave a review?

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Cat ,while you are right in what you’re saying,it’s clear that it can be a 2-way argument.
As for your question ,if the product is very good and the request is the respective one(in order to be able to buy again) , then I must say that I’d leave a review… If the product is bad then I won’t feel sad for losing the ‘opportunity’ to buy it again , and I’d likely leave a review according to it’s ‘quality’ too…