Advices to improve my gig


Hi, Irfan Here

I joined Fiverr this year, in December, In this period I try to improve my gigs from social networks for better exposure, but I want more advices to make them even better.
I dont know if there is enough but, as a begginer i made my 2first sales, and they loved my work.

As a professional designer i started with business cards, and now i am thinking putting a new level with something else.
I also have a gig for a Html Email Signature ClickAble,but he’s not going well haha.

What else do i need?Let me know if you know something good here on Fiverr.



Welcome to Fiverr. You have made a great start. Some new sellers take months to get their first sale so you need to be patient. Just a small error in your gig title … you need to say “a” unique instead of “an” unique. Best wishes for your success!


I recommend that you spend some time reading through the Fiverr Academy.