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Advise on how to get hold of seller - Protecting your work


Anybody has advise on seller that has taken your job and book. Saying she is working on your book and almost going to deliver but leads you on and does not deliver. I am worried she is misusing my work.

She disappeared after the deadline and many messages she apologises and says she sends it in a few days and after many messages and giving her an ultimate deadline, she agrees but never delivered the work.
I requested her response in two day otherwise the job is withdrawn. She never responded and now she has my book and I don’t know what she is doing with it at the moment.

I see her constantly online but she does not respond. I also contacted Fiverr but they haven’t gotten back to me.

I am worried she is a fraud and uses my book. Why would you otherwise lead somebody one? Anybody tips on legal advise or copywrighting or even how to deal with this situation?



You should’ve automatically gotten a full refund from the System because of delivery being late. Unless… you accepted it before Seller actually delivered the work?

Thank you! I am not too sure, haven’t seen anything coming through yet. However I am more worried my book as it is strange that she kept on postponing and not responded afterwards,
I hope she does not take my book and sells it. I am not sure if Fiverr can do anything to contact that specific seller?

Do you have any proof that this book is yours and that you’ve got Original Version of the book? I am not really sure how it works and I am not familiar with the books, but there should be some sort of copyright thing.

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