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Advise This Is Crazy!

Right, Rant time!

I see Twitter followers as well as other gigs.

Buyer contacts me and orders $75.00 gig, wanted 40,000 followers. I set to work and check my account today to find buyer has cancelled the order… after he has received 38,000 followers. I would as normal complete the order when 40,000 are delivered but the buyer has thought 38,000 is enough, cancelled the order and then signed off from Fiverr- as in left!!

I am now left with a gig I have paid out for. Why does FIVERR not contact the seller to say a dispute has happened, how can you just cancel? Its crazy.


If he cancelled the order and his account is no longer active on Fiverr then it means he carried out a PayPal chargeback. If he disputed any other way then you would have had the option to accept or decline the cancellation. The only way in which it will be cancelled otherwise is through a Chargeback.

So whats stopping someone doing this every time and how to I appeal it?

Any ideas? Still waiting for Fiverr support after 48 hours…

So why do Fivver accept the paypal charge back- how can itbe done so quickly via paypal- normally a dispute takes weeks./

Why not just have your people unfollow him? All 38000 of them?

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Excellent suggestion.

I can do but still lost 75.00!

And it gets even better— today I have a negative feedback from him. He has logged back into his account, left me feedback and then cancelled the account again!

Do not ask me why people do this! 48 hours and still waiting for Fiverr support to get back to me.

Contact Customer Support about them. Any buyer that initiates a chargeback via PayPal, etc, instead of going through fiverr’s resolution center, can have their account deleted. This may NOT prevent this person from reincarnating into another seller by opening a new fiverr account, but, at least you will not have them coming back for seconds as the original seller for another kick a$$ session on you.

[It is interesting that PayPal ‘would’ issue a charge-back on an electronic transaction but, then again, they can be contrary too.]

As far as the ‘value’ that you have lost (at $75), I would agree with BBB that you try to have those followers ‘unfollow’ this jerk.

Thanks guy- really gets me some people…

And still waiting for support…

Hi rozz, you are not the 1st one who suffered from this and will definitely not the last one too. Just be extra cautious when dealing with big orders. Good luck

I am, from now on no big orders. What annoys me is nothing is done- ok buyer may be banned from Fiverr but why do Fiverr not start a Paypal dispute with him- the buyer seems they can do what they want and I lost a ton of money!