Affiliate market manager


My name is Ken Anderson and alot of people on fiverr have done business with me,by me ordering gigs. I have a issue and for most people they wish they had my my problem. I have a problem learning how to market my information to people in the US only. I have retired from the cdl trucking industry on the corp side of a major carrier after 33 years. In our country we need over 300,000 drivers nationwide. If you do a ad-word search using any phrase involving the cdl in it like ,cdl,cdl training,cdl school ect ect. You will see that there are millions of hits everyday looking for the information I have. I have a website and eBook on kindle that has all the information they are looking for. My information is not found on the internet in full volume anywhere. I’m looking for a manager gig from someone that wants to partner with me,who knows what I do not know and thats marketing on the internet. I still recruit for the trucking industry and I get hundreds of leads every week from people that looking for what I have. I just need to get it marketed. If interested contact me here on fiverr. I hope I did not break any of fiverr rules asking this.