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Affiliate Marketing Basics for Beginners

Great for Us…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Amazing article. I’ll look forward to using the techniques.

I’m getting a page not found error for this link. has the page moved?

The link is working for me.

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hmm… when I go to the page headding (the text in the tab) says “Page not Found” and I see a list of articles instead of the specific article it’s supposed to link to.

I wonder if it was supposed to go to (with the /blog/ in the link?

good, This post is very helpful

Hi @fibrefarmer,

You should use this link - (with the “/blog/”).

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That’s what I thought. It’s just the first link in the first post of this thread doesn’t do that, so I was confused when the link didn’t take me where I expected.


Hi @fibrefarmer, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We updated the link :slight_smile:


Best information.
By the way :roll_eyes: I forgot my affiliate account password and username :crazy_face:
and not sure if my settings on my affiliate account’s correct or not :roll_eyes: the link already out there somewhere (wrapped the link to short), still hoping it’ll works.