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Affiliate Marketing Basics for Beginners

Benefit of Sub Affiliates?

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very interesting article to inspired and helpful

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Thank for this great article. @rabindranath1

this post is very good and helpfull sir

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that’s a really nice article , i was doing affiliate and i always had this problem when it comes to finding landing pages , ive never find a satisfying one , till i decided to make my own .
i started learning html/css/javascript and now i do my own landing pages and i even do other ppl landing pages here on fiverr .

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Great Article and valuable advice for newbie Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: .

this is very helpful


V. Informative article.

This information is awesome and very helpful for beginners.

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Its an amazing idea , that can improve the market and lot of new comer can reach on a stable platform.

I highly appreciate Fiverr team for such an informative article.

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thank you usefull article

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Very helpful post. Thank you!

Here are some takes on the downsides to it:

  1. There are certain situations when even most reputable companies’ tracking links may not work properly, that raises the possibility of loosing your commissions!

  2. Cookies links may affect your commission, especially when you are not sure with the fact that some companies use first cookie links and others use last cookies links. So, even after persuading someone potential, commission could end up going to another affiliate business or to the company itself

  3. When companies are in trouble with financial condition, you end up loosing your commissions

  4. Promoting rubbish products or services may also ruin your affiliate reputation.

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Indeed a useful article to read.

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Great. thank you so much.

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Indebted to you for such a great article.

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