Affiliate Program vs. invite a friend


Hi, just a simple question. I opened an affiliate account with fiverr and there are some links in the account. Can I just send them to a friend and than fiverr knows that he is coming from that link. What is the difference between the affiliate program and the 5,-- USD for inviting a friend. Are these two different things?


The payouts are completely different - if you look at the commission plan that should tell you everything you need to know. :sunny:


Normally you put the affiliate link on the website with a landingpage. But at this moment I just want to send the link to somebody. But there are two different links right now at the affiliate section. one for pro and one for deep link. So I don´t know which to send. :slight_smile:


Whichever link you use, and there are lots available, pays a different amount in commission, but also sends the buyer to a different landing page. So you need to work out what they’re most likely to purchase before sending them to the appropriate part of the site.

There is a general link which just sends them to the front page of Fiverr - perhaps that might suit you better?


I see now. There are many. I just saw two and the were all pro, because there was a filter. If I just copy this link and send it to a friend this is OK too?


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affiliate program is good