Affiliate Sales & Payment


My suggestion is if you want affiliates to promote Fiverr, you might want to consider paying them their commissions earned.

I’ve been owed commissions for over 6 months. Gone thru several affiliate managers. I’ve sent screenshots from YOUR dashboard showing you owe me commissions. They always agree and then after more prodding (cuz I never get paid) they ask for more and more info but still don’t pay.

It literally says in my Fiverr affiliate dashboard that you owe me the money!! But noooooo, you guys refuse to pay.

I have never in all my years as an affiliate marketer, had this experience.


Fiverr takes a commission from me (20%) every time I earn on Fiverr and I am pretty sure that is the same for everyone. I don’t know of any long-term way you can receive commissions. How are you figuring you are owned commissions over 6 months? For doing what? Just curious since I haven’t heard of this. I do get affiliate commissions from some other sites like Amazon and Clickbank when I get someone to buy their products from my websites - are you perhaps thinking of the wrong site?