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Affiliates CPA for Logo Design


The commission plan page in Fiverr Affiliates dashboard does not mention any CPA for logo design. What’s the commission for logo design and related gigs?

Asking here since Fiverr customer support hasn’t replied and it’s been two days since I emailed them.


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I’m not sure I fully understand your request. If by commission, you mean the percentage of any sale that you get to keep… that would be 80% of the purchase price and any tips. Fiverr keeps 20% of every sale.

I am unaware of any affiliates “commission”. Fiverr isn’t an affiliate sort of site, since the entire purpose of Fiverr gigs here are to be a one-to-one contract between a seller offering a service, and the buyer placing an order.

There isn’t anything to “affiliate” out to others.

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If you go to fiverraffiliates dot com, you’ll be able to find the commission plan there.

If you need any specific question answered, then you’ll need to ask CS.

@jonbaas Fiverr does have an affiliate program:

That’s what I’m referring to.

@offlinehelpers CS isn’t responding, as I mentioned.

Well all you can do is wait! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing any of us here can do to help I’m afraid - we’re nothing to do with the affiliate program. :sunny:

Right. As I said, I am not aware of any sort of commission based on any category of gigs. The affiliate program is not gig or category based. There is no percentage commission in the affiliate sense. You basically just get $5 for anyone whom you refer to Fiverr. That’s not really a commission, but rather a reward for getting friends to sign up for accounts on Fiverr.

As I recall, mentioning the CPA amounts publicly can result in being banned from the program.
Check the affiliate ToS.
Affiliate support is always extremely slow from what I have seen and heard so just be patient I guess.
My assumption for the Logo CPA would be that it is part of the minimum/everything else section.


@jonbaas You’ll have to login and check out the dashboard to understand what I’m referring to. ( ) Whether you consider it “commission” and “affiliate” or not, Fiverr does consider it and calls it exactly that.

  1. They do have what they refer to as a “commission plan”, 2) it IS category based, and 3) it is much more than $5.