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Affordable Proof read & Copy Edit Service for Content Marketers

Are you looking for a proof read of your article? or a copy edit?

Do you run blogs?

Need some extra help editing your blog post before posting it in your website?

Hello there! My name is nishat and i am here to help.

I have to gigs covering these two topics.
One for proof read & copy edit your articles.
One for Copy Edit your blog posts.

Both gigs covering Word ranging 750 words - 1500 words - 3000 words
Price - 10 - 30- 50 usd only!
With revision,
Grammar & Spelling,
Line edit.
feedback etc.

If are looking these service and want fast service then please order a gig for me.
For first 3 buyers i will give bonus words up to 500 words in each package.



Hope for the best. Quality service can take you to the top. Thanks!


Thanks man!
Have a nice day!

The problem with offering a proofreading service is that you have to be perfect.

Your own post is littered with nearly a dozen grammar and spelling errors.

And why would a proofreader need to offer revisions?


Can you please point out some mistakes. I really want to learn.

Of course I’m not going to point out spelling and grammar errors to someone who is offering a proofreading service! Good grief.