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Afraid of cheating seller at big amount for the job


i have started a new project with a css programmer. he just has 1 review. the project takes now 10 days and i paid an amount over 350 $ for the first step of the project. im a bit afraid that he dont deliver what i want - maybe he delivers nothing… i know that i can get my money back for 13 days after the paypal pament - is that right ?

but maybe he does a good job and when i cancel that payment he stops the project…

i wrote him that i really want to see something in the next 2 days.

what should i do now ? next steps ?



That’s crazy 350$ and 10 days for css :slight_smile: I wonder where they find buyers like that. When I say somebody 50$-100$ for programming task they like “… it’s fiverr, tasks are usually 5-10$… it’s too expensive, I will think about that”.

@ kjblynx … but cancelling is just posssible in the first 14 days ? then i only get a refund but not the amount back on my paypal account ?

Reply to @fluxgold: If the project hasn’t been delivered yet, then you can cancel. But like @kjblynx said, you won’t be able to withdraw the refunded amount. You will only be able to put it towards another purchase on Fiverr.

thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

thats ok, i often order things at fiverr thats no problem then :wink:

Firstly : Css it’s not a programming language it’s just style-sheet.
Secondly : a Seller with 1 start or 0 start doesn’t make him a thief or cheater :smiley:
Last : You can ask for cancelation at anytime you want, you can contact Fiveer C.S, but DON’T MAKE CHARGE-BACK THROUGH PAYPAL.

One thing I would recommend for all buyers is to always test the situation before spending a lot of money. If you have worked with a seller for a long time, you bought some gigs at $5-50 and everything has gone well, you can probably count on that seller for higher priced gigs unless something honestly goes wrong.

If you have never worked with a seller before at all, or have only bought one $5 gig, I would not jump from there to hundreds of dollars. Sure, you can ask the seller for a mutual cancellation later, or contact Customer Support for a forced cancellation, but that still isn’t without pitfalls.

Once you get the money back, you’ll have to use it on Fiverr. If you are a routine buyer, that may be fine with you. If not, you may end up frustrated with hundreds of dollars in your Fiverr account when you only need a $75 new gig to do what you need. And, yes, you could theoretically file a credit card or PayPal chargeback, but then you lose your Fiverr account and I can guarantee you there are some great things to buy on Fiverr.

Simply cancel your order and start contacting sellers

thanks for the very helpful answers… :slight_smile:

of course i dont do a paypal chargeback - dont want to loose my fiverr account :slight_smile:

i do many jobs a year on fiverr - that fiverr money is ok for me.

the time frame is 20 days ( Order in Progress
Expected Delivery: Aug 17, 2015 ) the seller send an update yesterday but just some gfx and website layout… i have started the project on 27.7 … so can i reject the money till the 16.8 if im not satisfied ?
greets fluxgold

Why would you reject the project when it isn’t even due yet? I could understand if the due date had already come and went that you may be worried about getting your funds back, but, the funds are not even released to the seller until you mark the order complete or 3 days after delivery without any request for modifications. We as sellers do not get the funds for another 14 to 17 days after the order is marked as complete.

I would continue to work with this seller in getting what you need. I don’t know if you two had a schedule set up for that 20 days that they were to show you step by step what work was done - but, I wouldn’t go cancelling just yet unless what you have seen from them is less than you expected or you sense there is going to be a problem with delivery.

Give this seller the time that was stated on the Gig (20 days) to deliver as ordered would be my advice.


The scneario in my eyes is like this;

Even tough 350 may sound a lot, i believe your job is worth much more. Thats why you couldnt deal with any of the more reviewed sellers and went on to a new seller which you can abuse better… And this seller is probably not capable of doing your job…

If thats not the way it is, it was a really poor choice of yours to come to fiverr and spend 350 on 1 review seller…

either way, good luck…


now i understand after i signed the job as completed then after 14 - 17 days the money is transfered… i thought 14 days after starting the project…:wink:
then i dont have to be worried to get cheated.

yes it worth more then 350 - but it seems he can do the job :wink:

well i have choosen the 1 review reseller because he is a developer of plug ins for that tempate i have used :wink:


As you will learn when dealing with more expensive projects, you must break a job into smaller “milestones”, like rungs on a ladder. Each time you climb another couple of steps on the ladder, you pay for it.

You decide for yourself what constitutes a successful “milestone” and agree up front you reserve the right to verify it works as desired, prior to releasing funds. This prevents you having lots of cash liabilities. It prevents your losing your money to this service, as people say you will not get it returned.

You should check with Paypal customer service, as once years ago I purchased software and installation/config service and did not get it installed. Asking for my money back was useless, as Paypal said it was a “service” which is not included in their TOS for refunds. The seller than cancelled my license so I lost everything. If you lose money here due to filing complaints with the money people AND this service cancels your account, who wins?

In summary, consider nothing more than $25 at risk on anything, as you can always give the seller part-2, part-3, etc after they have successfully completed earlier milestones.

keep the job with him and see what you will get. if you will have any thing or not get what you want you can cancel order at that time. But money will go to your fiverr purchasing fund and you can only use these funds to buy something from fiverr. You can’t withdraw that money.

You can opt refund just by contacting fiverr support desk. They will surely help you.

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thanks for the many very helpful answers :slight_smile:

at wordpress_luv: i have broken this project up in milestones :wink: its an over 1000$ project at the end.


Reply to @fluxgold: I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but I’d be wary of doing a chargeback through PayPal. I believe Fiverr may delete your account if you do that.

Reply to @fluxgold: Did you communicate with this seller before you placed an order?

And what time frame does it say on his gig? Has the gig time already completed and the seller did not send you anything? If the seller is late you can go ahead and ask for a cancellation.