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Afraid to get negative feedback :(


Hi guys. I have this client who just really doesn’t read the descriptions and this guys is very very picky! Im just afraid that I might get a negative feedback. I have attached the design I did for him, its a GPS ToDo List that reminds people to do things if they are next to places.

This guy wants me to create a logo but it isnt included in my gig, so he wants me to do anything but still Im very afraid to get any negative feedback on my best selling gig :frowning:


i told him that and I’m not doing any logo, and he just said “let’s see how creative you can be” so I made that one. What do you think?

Do you think Customer Support will delete his negative feedback (if he will leave a neg. feedback)?


Will have this sorted out asap. Thankss!


Every time someone asks for something not included in the gig, just let them know (if it’s something you can do) that you’d be happy to do it, but they’ll need to purchase a second gig