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After 1 month my 2 completed order has been cancelled


Noting to say :joy: just surprised by getting two notification that my two order has been cancelled from same buyer. I have completed those order about 1 month ago and got 5 star review also . Now suddenly those orders has been cancelled and my personal balance became -$4… How can it possible ?.I have worked hard and completed those orders . How can a buyer do this type of scam .


If you type “order cancelled after months” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject.

You are not alone!


thanks. I am checking


You Have to more carefull about your work.



The OP’s buyer made a chargeback via PayPal after giving 5 star reviews. How could they have avoided this by being ‘careful’?


What kind of delivery was it?
If it was one of your website gigs then you can contact the host, show your original work & ask them to take it down. When order is cancelled the buyer doesn’t have the right to use it.

I assume you had this explained in your proposal as well, right?


when this will happen with you then tell me .I think am very careful with my work …


Actually that was about web design …And now i can not do anything…


It depends on your vetting process and clients, but when I do a website design I always know for which company it is and where it will go up. I can trace back to every client I have and check the website I created for them.


Your process is very good. I think i have to also do this … There are some scammer who come on fiverr to do these .


You are right … If the buyer is a scammer then we can not prevent this but may be fiverr can prevent this .


Have you spoken to CS to find out if there’s anything they can do to help - they might be able to do something positive? :crossed_fingers:


I have sent message them…Now waiting for their response :rofl:


This is really not fair. What the heck is fiverr doing about this PayPal charge back issues? I think it’s now getting too much and Fiverr might loose some of their valuable sellers if this continues.


Such a horrible news! This is very unpredictable. Keep patients…


so sad :frowning: you have to serious more than before :slight_smile:

happy freelancing


Sad to hear this from you. There is nothing but luck to prevent this types of scammers.


Actually you are new here for that telling to be serious.


we should aware from taking order from a new buyer