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After 2 months i don't get any order

i don’t understand what wrong with me. recently did not get any order for almost last 2 month . but september … i complete 6 new order


That’s unfortunate to hear that you haven’t completed any order in last 2 months.

You shlould try to focus on buyer requests & also try to upgrade your SEO. Maybe the service you are giving with the keyword is not in market demand. Try to change to a keyword which is often searched by buyers. I think that way it will help.

And one more thing try to promote your profile through your business page that way it will also help.


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


thank you @awais_animation


Don’t be panic.
Be motivated.
You will get your result soon.

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thank you sir @exclusive_js

You are most welcome mselinabegum747

Stay work hard, you will get ORDER soon,


You design business logos, but you haven’t used one for your profile picture. Instead, you’ve opted to use a picture of a celebrity.

That doesn’t speak highly of your skills.

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thank you very much @vaishali_r