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After 2 years, a Level 2 Seller! Yeah!


Its been 2 tricky years & Fiverr has been slow income source at times & at times it has been a savior.

This is the first time we are a Level 2 Seller!

How much time did you take?



6 months… I haven’t got the badge but will get on April 15th.:sunglasses:

And congratulation…


You worked a long time to get you Level 2 badge! Congratulations! :tada::confetti_ball:

However, if you would like to share your news about getting your first order, your second order, your first positive review, or anything similar? :mega: Shout out in My Fiverr Gigs! If you start a new thread anywhere but My Fiverr Gigs about first orders/reviews or any other order/review announcement, it may be moved, merged or removed.

Therefore, to prevent your post from being removed, I have moved it to My Fiverr Gigs!


Thanks Vickiespencer :slight_smile: