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After 2 years Of Back Breaking Work (literally) I Qualify For TRS


Finally managed to hit all the requirements to qualify for TRS. Let’s hope it goes well. The only thing I’m proud of right now is that I’ve never delivered an order late. Once I had to sit at a Subway for like 6 hours to mooch off the free wi-fi with a cup of coffee. I got my hopes up, I’m excited and ready to crash and burn.

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Well done! It’s lovely to hear such good news! :tada:


Hopefully, the real good news will come in January - but who knows. Emotions are high.


Oh, snap! People are going to be so jealz of you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Seriously, this is pretty darn awesome. Maybe this post will inspire others. :wink:


Thought it was your arm?

Also - Subway coffee :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyway - congrats on the stats - Forget about the level up and just celebrate the fact that you have got your stats in order which shows you are providing a better service for clients and less stress for yourself than before. That’s better than getting a gold star from teacher.


Pinned because it shines like a diamond during doom and gloom.


You also have zero negative reviews and great communication skills and have been here over two years.
You hit all the right metrics so far.


The arm recovered but then my back decided to have its turn to waste more money. Turns out if you’re someone that sits in a chair the whole day, you need to buy a good chair. Which I should probably get before I mess it up even more.

Let’s hope it stays that way till the evaluation. You never know what might happen nowadays.

Hopefully, it will! We did all get like 60 days to fix our metrics which was quite a reasonable timeframe when you think about it.


Let us know if you get it please so we can celebrate with you. Someone said that since they started the Pro program they are not awarding TRS as much but I don’t know if that’s true or not.


Definitely will, maybe they were just waiting to implement the new system.