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After 24 hour I have 25 impressions

I am new to this forum and on fiverr too. After 24 hours I got 25 impressions and 2 clicks. Is it good or I need to do something. ?


It depends in your market, but in average is a good start, try to keep active, explore your competitors, send some custom offers if is possible and answer as soon as possible your requests; it requires some patience too, but try to make a quality job when chances came and don’t forget to promote your gig outside too.

When you publish your gig for the first time, your gig appears in the newest arrival section. You might get those views from there

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Congratulation brother.

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Thank you so much. I got some how the idea. I will try to make it more visible on social media links now

@iqbalmunir238 Sound good! You received 2 clicks within 24 hours :slight_smile:
Keep patience, you will receive orders soon. All the best.

Wait sometime and see what happen

good ,now stay more in fiverr foram