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After 2yrs of steady I have none


Im an Audio engineer. I’ve been on Fiverr for 2yrs now. I’ve always had sale’s. In September of last year I finally became a level 2saler. My average sale’s we’re 2 to 3 orders per a week. Well now since May of 2017 my sale’s just stopped. In April I had mixed a 15 song album than had 8 more projects after that. Which I thought was good cause I do this part time in my spare time. I did receive a ton of inquiries though in June but none of them bouth my gigs. I’m wandering what’s going on. I know Fiverr made some changes. Could that be the reason why my sale’s drop so drastically. I noticed my response time is 6hrs…which is wrong, I have 0 completion now. Which I’ve completed 100% of all my orders but I’m still ranked as a level 2 saler. I don’t know what happened.


Hey, I was in a similar situation few weeks ago and what I’ve done was to update the gigs with new videos and photos and also change tags and prices, then I also start to tweet my gigs to my followers to promote the gig and I think that it worked as I had orders from then.


It’s pretty much the same for most of the old sellers here. I myself was having steady sales till May of this year. And after that apart from the orders of my regular buyers, I haven’t received that much inquiries from new clients. Before that I used to get around 10-15 inquires almost every day. Now I only get 1-2 in 3 weeks time.
It definitely is because of the changes in the search algorithm. Sometimes you’ll see that the new sellers will come up on the first page upon a search for a gig instead of the Level 2 or Top Rated Sellers. Few of the Top Rated sellers for my category are also showing further down on the 20th result page.
I was told that the Summer period also leads to slow sales on the site. I am hoping September will be the month where things will start to get back to normal.


Thanks for the help. I


Thank you for the advice.


You welcome! :+1: :wink:


Being a fairly new seller here, I’ll give you my perspective. When I first came on as a new seller, I almost immediately started getting a steady stream of sales. It continued through Level One. The second, and I mean the SECOND I reached level 2, all sales dropped off and I’ve had little to no new clients. All my business is now with repeat customers. I get maybe one order every few days if I’m lucky. My impressions have gone down to almost zero. I’ve tried everything I possibly can, including making a nice gig video. Nothing is working. It’s ridiculous! Almost like Fiverr is punishing success. I hope they fix things soon. I had high hopes that I’d soon be making good money here, but those hopes are drying up. They give tons of exposure to new and level one sellers, and hardly any to Level 2. I see the same sellers up there every time I do a search in my category.


Have you uploaded your video to YouTube, a FB fanpage etc.? It all helps. :sunny:


I appreciate the feedback. How will uploading my video to Youtube help, when there are a million videos on Youtube? Who’s gonna watch it? How would they even search for it?


You could start by uploading it with the title ‘American Male Voiceover’.

YouTube videos are much easier to rank than websites - if somebody’s looking for an American male voiceover, they’ll have more chance of finding it.

Try it - video marketing really does work. :grinning:


Sweet! I will definitely try that avenue. Thanks!


Thats just how freelance works, its not reliable and never will be, unless you are a designer theres a lot of work for that. It can take longer than 2 years to really get going its took me 3 years to make even a decent amount each month, you need to be improving constantly. I checked your profile and your gig video would really need improvement, it is completely blurry and just doesnt feel personal enough. I would recommend creating your own video with yourself in in your studio or wherever you work describing what services you provided and make it look professional as possible. Even add more gigs you think would be good to offer as well.
Promote your gigs on social media, look up search results on twitter for people who need what you provide and dm them, make sure your description and tags have good keywords relating to your service and also search on buyer requests. :slight_smile:


… ummm yea. I’m not for sure why my gig video would be blurry. I chosed to have someone else to make my video because every mixing gig on here had the same video so I wanted to stand out. I use to have alot of different gigs but majority of my customers have no clue between mastering and mixing. I did have one repeat customer message me which was good but from our conversation I think my may not be visible for some reason. On my end it shows as active but from the customer end it may not be. Oh well it was nice while it lasted.