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After 3 days auto complete order, what happens?

After my buyer’s order gets auto-completed from fiverr, what happens? can he rate my work?


Yes, the order can still be rated for 2 weeks or one month (I don’t remember, sorry).


when the order completed, it will take 14 days to add on your account

If a buyer does not mark the order as complete, then after three days the order will be automatically marked as complete. When it does, the order will be locked and the buyer and seller will be able to leave a rating and review. Fiverr will take their cut and the rest of the revenue will go into clearing for 14 days, after that - it’s all yours!

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I have the exact same question. Because mine is a pretty new gig and I need as many reviews as possible. Buyer was very happy about my work but due to Christmas she took off and by then the order was autocompleted without her review :frowning:

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Buyers have 30 days to leave a review.

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after three days the order will be automatically marked as complete but the issue is the message says you will get 24$ but unable to see any changes in my account is this normal? when i get my money?

Stop bumping up a 2 year old thread. Fiverr revenue clearance period has been covered on other threads and even on the terms of service. You should read those sometimes.

Are you sure ?? Its thirty days ??

Yes, buyers have 30 days to leave a review.


And what happens if they dont give you a review in that month

You don’t get a review. :slightly_smiling_face:


what happen?
you have earnings

Yes the buyer can rate the order after auto complete

3 days finished order ,but still not auto complete the order any grace time…


If their any dispute in the order. And I reject the cancelation in the order. Will the delivery still count from the same day I delivered? Kindly let me know.

You’re responding to a post from September 2015, and to a user who is no longer on Fiverr.

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Could you kindly let me know about the post I created? I guess you can see that.

I have no idea, I’ve never done it.