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After 3 days auto complete order, what happens?

you can contact to fiverr team!

The buyer can’t rate the order when autocomplete until the seller allow him.

Oh my goodness! :open_mouth::hushed::astonished:

Where did you get this information? :scream_cat:

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Since when?

By the way, you’re responding to a post from 2018. Buyers now have 10 days to leave a review, not 30.

After that buyer can give you a feedback within 10 or 14 days (not confirmed)

I don’t know, I haven’t been able to work yet.

I have delivered an order, but after the auto complete, the buyer contacted me a month later and said that you have not completed the job and now I will report the Fiverr. What i will do?

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Usually happens! Surprised sometimes but it happens. I prefer from a negative review. And we are talking for buyers who are pleased with our work according to their comments during the process of the order. :woman_shrugging:t3:

The best you can to do is to contact with customer support. They will help you with this.

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