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After 3 days,i don't get any success yet

plz Check everyone my gig once & tell me the reason why i don’t get any order yet after 10 bidding regularly :thinking:

Success doesn’t come in 3 days.

Success is a hard work and if no one replied to your buyer request proposals maybe you need to change the way you are replying.


The kind of work you’re offering is a very competitive market. It will take time to get the ball rolling - you could see no orders for a week, a month, or longer.

Looking at your gig, you may want to look into improving your English, both in your gig description and frequently asked questions section.

For example, the first question “Really will you give me fast delivery?”. This question isn’t necessary, given that it is already listed on your gig that the basic and standard packages are 1 day delivery. If you were to keep it, I would word it this way instead:

Q. How fast will you deliver?
A. I will deliver any Basic and Standard project within 24 hours.

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