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After 3 reviews, it's total silence again

Greetings everyone.
After one month of starting my gig, I got my first order. Then I got 2 more from the same person. I even got 5-star ratings for all 3 orders. After I got my 3rd review, my daily impression went from an average of ~20 to 90, then 144 the next day.
I checked my ranking, my gig had got to the middle of the first page of the search results for 2 of my main keywords.
But the problem is that it’s been almost a week after that game-changing 3rd review. And my impressions are going down again. I have not received any orders after yet. Yesterday, my gig went from the first page to the middle of the second page.
Basically, it’s total silence again like before, I don’t know what to do and what am I doing wrong. Please share some tips or any such experiences of yours.
Thank you.


Enter the term “gig rotation” into the search window at the top of the Fiverr Forum page.

That will answer your questions about why you impressions/orders are down.

Active 24/7…more orders waiting for you…thank you

Now that’s a coincidence. I was just reading your messages on another thread. And I also have a window open where I searched the term ‘gig rotation’ haha.
But I thought gig rotation works on a longer basis, like it rotates after several weeks or months. While, in my case, it’s low on one day, on its peak the other day then, down again a few days later.
I wasn’t aware that gig rotation happens on such a frequent basis. Thanks for the reply.


Remember, there are millions of freelancers here.

DAILY Gig Rotation makes it fair for everyone.