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After 3 years, i activated again. will it any effect on profile for selling my gig?

I opened my account in 2017. Then I was not active for 3 years. will it have any effect on my profile? I mean, will it lower my gig’s ranking?


Yes, it will affect your account activity and your level
You must work hard
By sharing your account
And bring visits


No, it has nothing to do with your GIGs.

You can create GIGs to offer your services and if your GIGs are good and your services are excellent you will have orders.

Not true.


Optimize your profile

  1. Update all the courses, certifications etc. that you had done
  2. Write a purposeful bio, “how you gonna help clients”
  3. Do your keyword research, optimize every gigs with authentic proof of work
  4. Help people on forums :slight_smile:

All the best


What are you talking about?

Why would that ever affect your account?

All you can do is try it. As you see from the various answers, no one has an absolute knowledge of how your particular account will be affected. It might or might not have an affect but at least try it and see what happens.

(And by the way helping people on the forums has no affect on your account or where your gigs rank.)


Thank you, I will try my best :heart:

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Thank you for your valuable opinion :heart:

I also have somewhat similar to your experience as i wasn’t active for a long time recently. But i have started again and have finished one order. I think if you work hard you may get orders and all real soon.

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I think, you will do new gigs or new account.

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It doesn’t effect don’t worry i joined fiverr on 2014 aswell started Working recently (Mar-2020).

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Try try & try ,you can win one day and obviously welcome back.

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