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After 4 hours Chatting order not done

Today a buyer chatting with me since 4 hours about Lead Generation finally he did’t give me order… :cry: cry: :cry:

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Was it 4 hours because the client’s replies were very slow or did you both go off-topic? In the first case, there’s not much to say. It happens to find clients like that!

While doing good customer service is fundamental, you should not forget you’re here to work and your time is valuable. When you feel like the conversation is diverting, remember to take the reins and try to conclude the transaction (always in the most professional and respectful way possible). Either you get an order, or you can move on to your next client :wink:


Thats so frustrating as a seller. But perhaps you should not feel disappointed as the buyer may contact you for another job directly and try to identify why you didn’t get the order…


I am a new seller at Fiverr so too much time expense for this buyer

One day a buyer also chatting with me two hours but he did not gave me that order :disappointed_relieved:

Never do that. Close the deal in a few minutes or say goodbye and don’t do it.

Even if you got the job, that’s two hours of chatting you don’t get paid for. Why would you do that? And no competent buyer would take that long.

In the corporate world jobs that cost many, many thousands of dollars don’t even have that negotiation. It isn’t necessary at all.


That’s not true. Sometimes I’m negotiating for weeks. It will depend on your pricing and what you do, how long it takes for them to go to their supervisors or whatever to get approval, etc.

I very rarely close a deal in a few minutes. I don’t even want to - I want to know as much as possible about the project and client before closing anything. And that takes more than a few minutes. And I do get paid for it - that’s baked into the price I charge. The ones I get pay for all the ones I don’t.


That’s back and forth negotiation over a time period, not a conversation in one sitting.

He’s talking about a conversation that was two hours’ long.

I’m talking about the time you actually spend on the negotiation, not the time it takes to close the deal. Going back and forth to clarify things and actually sitting at your computer conversing for two hours are very different things.

Unless you had a conversation with him 24/7 for all those weeks, that is a different scenario.

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If he means talking for 2 or 4 hours about stuff that has nothing to do with the with the gig/project, then of course it doesn’t make sense. Specially if the buyer is asking stuff like “how is it done”, etc. Fiverr should have automatic “consulting gigs” that can’t be rated. Would be great to send to those time wasters who want to know how it’s done and don’t want to pay for it. I would like to charge for the conversation, but as it stands there’s no good way to do it. If you try, you run an extremely high risk of getting a bad review since “he didn’t even do any work, just chat!”

No he’s talking about negotiating the actual order.

You don’t take a two hour sitting to negotiate an order that may or may not happen and even if it fors, you aren’t getting paid to negotiate. Going back and forth to clarify things is one thing. Actually taking two hours out of your day to chat with someone is another.

Depends on what you mean by negotiating, and depends on the price. I’ll gladly take 2 hours of my day to “negotiate” if I can push a 1k order to 2 or 3k - i’m making 1k an hour in that case. And sometimes I can.

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I think we both know this seller isn’t negotiating an order of that price or even close.

Both of the sellers in this thread with this complaint are charging in and around $5

Sure, I’m just saying that generalising is difficult, because everyone has a different price. Maybe that seller is happy making an extra $5 an hour, a lot of them are - in that case, spending 2 hours to raise the price by $10 is already worth it. Different people have different prices and different valuation on their time. I’m not going to say someone is “wrong” for charging $5 an hour… if it works for them, it works for them.

I never negotiate the terms of an order any more than 4 or 5 messages back and forth, but maybe that’s because my line of work is really straightforward. They send me a script, I record it, end of. If they don’t understand what they’re ordering after a few messages that is a red flag to me. Again, could be a difference in the line of work though.


And that’s fine.

But the reality is that most buyers who would take two hours out of a seller’s day to negotiate something worth so little is probably going to be a nightmare and there is a good chance they’re leading the person on.

Scammers and pranksters and unscrupulous business people are drawn to people they can push over.

These sellers are coming to.the forum to vent about it so it’s safe to say they want to avoid this issue. So I’m telling them how.

Yes, that’s also a good point. Even if the seller is happy making $5 an hour talking, a good buyer probably won’t be. But hey, people are free to do what they think it’s best. He got burned once. He’ll learn.

It depends on the order price.

You work with big orders. And I have the same approach when it comes for long, big projects that have high price. I want to know details upfront and what I’m getting myself into and if me and buyer have the same understanding.

However for smaller orders it shouldn’t take long to close a deal especially if it’s something simple for 5$

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Yes, of course - but then again what is a big and small order is also relative. For some people, a $50 order is big. For others, not so much.

It’s probably not so relative to the buyer… And that type of buyer knows they can push over people who have a lower cost of living and who make more on the exchange.

Even if the person has a lower cost of living and they make more on the exchange rate, exploitation is exploitation.

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My solution:
Three monitors. One has Chrome in it, you guys and girls, my kpop blasting, and Gmail. The mid, main monitor is work and work only. So, if I am writing a book, Word or Excel, drawing, Illustrator or Designer, that is on the main monitor. Monitor on the right is for the research if I am writing a book, or for sketches and mental map if I am drawing.
Right now I am talking to you and writing a book about Maritime law. And if the buyer pops out in inbox I talk, respond, and continue to work… so even if I am talking with a potential buyer for 12 hours I lose nothing since while he types his response I do my other stuff.

I can’t find a photo of my today’s set up but is the same, just larger monitors (a lot) :D. This is from 2015.

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