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After 4 MONTHS, I finally received my first order

It took a long while. Over the past few months I had a few people sending me a message regarding some of my gigs. Some of them just disappeared after the first message or two (despite expressing interest), some I just had to reject because I was not able to do what they asked for (I tried to link them to other sellers).
Today I finally got my first order, a simple job, for $5. In total it took about a couple of hours from the first message until I delivered the gig, and all the time I was constantly exchanging messages with the buyer.
I hope to get another order soon, I’ve been waiting for it. I got 5 stars rating which is even better than the money as a new seller.

PS- This blind feedback thing is terrible and quite stressful.


How did you get your first order! Is it from buyer request or from the fiverr searching result!

All this time is your gig was ranked on first page?

A buyer sent me a message regarding one of my gigs. I was lucky enough to open fiverr just as he sent it, so I could reply him immediately. BR is mostly full of stuff that isn’t really relevant to me, but I still check it occasionally.

I have never checked the rank of my gig or what page it’s in.

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Congratulatios, May Allah help you.

That’s great.
Wish you good luck

congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:

Best of Luck for more and more… :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@yogevsharabi Congratulations brother. Just try to be online as much as you can and check buyers request on regular basis. You can get more orders by this. :kissing_smiling_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thank you.
I do try to stay online as much as possible. I think I just have a lot of competition, especially as a new seller.

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Congro brother…first order is the ice breaker…hoping you get alot of success ahead