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After 4 years Fiverr Denied my 2 Gigs

After Devoted Level 2 to Level 0 , Now Fiverr Denied my 2 Gigs . I’m shocked Why they removing my old gigs that gives me a sale and Good Review…Check image too

Is anyone also facing same problem.

Based on the reasons, one of the social bookmarking platforms you were working with has reported your gig for breaking their Terms, and because of that Fiverr had to deny your gig to avoid legal issues with that platform.

I assume you haven’t read the Terms of Use for each social bookmarking platform, hence this problem.


sad very sad:disappointed_relieved:

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Where i can read their Terms Rules…

Thanks Dear I will back with more powerful Gigs Becoz if you have talent no one can stop you. Just focus on your work

Every social bookmarking website has terms of service. Visit each website where you intend to post links, read their terms, and ensure that nothing that you intend to post there violates those terms.


Its impossible to read all the terms so we can’t share our gigs too

In that case, you shouldn’t provide services that use social bookmarking sites whose terms you didn’t read, otherwise this is what happens - Fiverr takes the down gigs because you broke the terms of other social bookmarking sites since you didn’t read their terms.

There’s a purpose to all these terms pages: to avoid doing illegal stuff that will affect other sites or yourself :wink:


Then I will close that services…its $5 Gig services so i will focus in my other services gig

The most importantly you should follow the Fiverr TOS.