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After 5 days I can not contact seller

Hi this was my first order for a logo and wondering what to do. I made 2 revisions and after 5 days file says order complete, I want to tweak it and order the PS file but there is no button for me to contact seller

Once the order is marked as completed you cannot ask your seller for further revisions.
However, if you want to contact your seller, go to the order page again, scroll to the bottom of the page. There you can find an option to contact your seller.

Hi there,

If you didn’t request a modification through “Ask for modification” button from order page, then you should know that after 3 days the order get closed automatically.

However, you can go to your seller profile and look for the “Contact” button that should be on the left side.

Thank you, I guess now I know.
How do receive the files that were supposed to come with final?

Only by communicating with your seller.

Thank you, I don’t see that on the app, it looks like a desktop screenshot so I will check there.

OK I searched the seller and started a new chat and mentioned the order #, hopefully that works.
This is new to me…