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After 5 working days, didn't receive payment

Hi Guys,
I am new here and I joined fiverr last month. Last week, I decided to withdraw my funds via bank transfer and made a payoneer account and even after almost 6 days, I didn’t receive any payment in bank and my payoneer is also empty since the beginning and I only received a mail of payoneer that told me that payment will arrive within 4 working days,

Is there anything fishy ? should I worry about the delay.



contact payoneer check if payment is transferred from there end if yes you’ll need to contact your bank for further assistance usually i receive money in 2-3 working days never had an issue with payoneer its better than paypal

There was nothing in the payoneer account since the withdrawal. I just received a mail from payoneer that was saying that payment will arrive in your account into 4 business days.

Check if there are weekends or public holdays it can cause delay

I’m concerned too. I just completed my first Gig and got a five-star rating. Do you know if the amount earned after Fiverr deducts their share, gets deposited into my PayPal account and when?

Here’s how to get paid:


Payoneer card is free but when you deposit it takes activation charges.
For me It was around $45 few years ago but i don’t know how much is it now.