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After 5 Years, I reached level 1

After 5 Years, I reached level 1. Surprised?

Hello Fiverrs,

I would like to share my Fiverr story. 6 years ago, I just started working. After graduating from university, I landed a job with an animation company but then changed their business model to film and VFX. Working sure was tough. Coming in at 9am, leaving at 6pm. Initially my role in the office was a multimedia designer generalist. I will do anything related to multimedia, from graphic design, web development and VFX even though I have a little knowledge about it that time. Sometimes my work requires me to stay at the office until the ‘urgent’ job is done. My pay was quite low but because I enjoy my work it doesn’t seem to bother me much until one day…

…my girlfriend suggested me to get married. Boy, I don’t know how to express my feelings at that time. I feel happy because my relationship was now going into next phase but at the same time I felt uncomfortable and scared. I scared not because of commitment. I scared because I don’t have much savings and I don’t make much! I make roughly US$400 per month and it’s only enough for paying bills and stuffs. Luckily I don’t have to rent a room that time because my bosses let me use a small room in the office as a place to crash.

So, my mind that time was already spinning and finding ways to get more money. I have to buy rings and other marriage things now. Here comes the internet. I found a way how to generate money online using adsense and affiliates. Its going well but its too slow and I don’t have time to be wasted. I found online freelancing site such as Freelancer and Elance. Freelancer and Elance was hard to get through at least for a beginner like me and as I said before I don’t have luxury with time.

One day, i stumbled upon Fiverr. For a job you will get $5. I have skills with After Effects and Photoshop so why not using it? I register and make some research on google how to make money with Fiverr. First I offer general Photoshop jobs. Few days went by and no order coming in. I was so disappointed because from my research people said it was easy to make your first $5 with Fiverr. I thought I wanted to give up but luckily I don’t. I make further research and read and read and read. This time I’m still offering photoshop jobs but more targeted. I offered a service for making ebook cover. I also offered background removal, personal avatar creation and some After Effects jobs. A day after all gig were published then suddenly… I got my first order!

I was so happy and I spent hours just for that thing. Then, more orders coming in. All my gigs selling like hotcakes. The orders were unbearable. It ate my working and private hours but still I managed to deliver all of 'em on time. At one time I was on a date and my Fiverr Alert apps on my ipod touch keeps making “kaching!” “kaching!” sound. My girlfriend was so angry because I always looking at the time during our date. I was more afraid not be able to deliver than my angry girlfriend. Lol.

That time, it was already 3 months I’m with Fiverr. I made almost US$1000 that three months doing Fiverr alone. With that money I bought a beautiful ring for my wife and many other wedding stuffs. I stopped Fiverr because I already reached my goal. I cannot sacrifice my time with family anymore. I also got a new job as a VFX artist at Rhythm & Hues later after that, just before my marriage ceremony.

Fast forward to 2012. Rhythm & Hues shut it doors because of financial crisis and I was left jobless. From that I went back to freelancing but I don’t make much. Two months ago, something in my brain kicks an idea, "Hey, why don’t you check out Fiverr?"

I opened Fiverr and was surprised. Fiverr has changed a LOT. It’s not about $5 anymore. You can make thousands with custom orders and Gig Extras. I also checked my inbox was full with messages from my previous clients. Many of them was wondering whether I’m still doing Fiverr or not because they want to order again. It were messages from 2011 and I just reply to them and saying I’m sorry for late reply and they laughed about it. It took 5 years for me to reply to them back. Lol.

Well, because I now know how Fiverr works, I only offers gig which doesn’t need much time to spend on. 10-50 minutes tops. Though to gain back new customers, I have to make some sacrifices and some gig was so high quality and it needs more than 2 hours to complete. I also offers some simple Photoshop job which has made me a Level 1 seller just a few days ago. Right now I’m into my second month with Fiverr. I doesn’t make much money yet but I won’t give up. I will just need to keep tweaking and offering new gigs and hoping some of them will become hot cakes like in 2011.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading and forgive my horrible grammar. :slight_smile:



p/s: If any new seller want to ask some question regarding Fiverr, just ask below and i will try my best to help.

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Definitely a very inspiring story, congratulations on your past success and good luck on future success!

Great story.

All the best!!! =D>

Thank you for the encouragement guys. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Wow what a story, best wishes!

I was an under dog 25 years ago. fought my way. fell once and broke my 2 front tooth. got up fought again and now its good to go.

dont give up dude.

being creative in one thing, being able to roll in the clients is another ball game totally. getting clients that pays is another.

Nice story!!Good luck!

I am new on Fiverr, hope It works for me some day :slight_smile:

Really nice story! Best of luck :slight_smile: It’s so great that your clients 5 years ago still contact you :slight_smile: Fiverr is Amazing. Keep up your good work !

Wow Amazing Story… Love to read it…

What a nice story. i wish you all the best BRO…

wow what a story, it took me only a month…Good luck on future endeavors

Great Reading

Yeah, thanks so much for your support. Just an update. As of today, my most hardest gig (which needs 12-24 continuos working hours) is getting more attention all because I keep tweaking it to suits the responds from previous clients and those who messaged me.

Just a question, how do you guys manage a stream of orders at one time? How do you handle the stress? Can you share your secrets? …and its three questions actually.

You are level one but i am Nothing.

Welcome back. Thank you for sharing your story as this will definitely inspire many others to continuously to work on their gigs.

good one bro…

Reply to @psdtohtmlcss: Not yet. You have to keep tweaking your gig title and description. Use the analytics to get more insight. You can also refers what and how others do with their gig. Especially those with level 2. Make them your reference but be original.


hard work always leads to success!!