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After 5 years of working on Fiverr my account is disabled on my birthday

My name is Predrag Bajic (username djapeMusic) and this morning i got email from Fiverr that my account is disabled after 5 years of work, because of my “low quality deliveries”. Fiverr I would like to know why are my deliveries low quality, since i had more than 200 happy clients and why are you disabling my only income ON MY BIRTHDAY!?
Yes, that’s true, today, August 16th is my birthday and i got really good present from Fiverr. And I almost got Fiverr Pro account…

So what happened? I guess this happened. I was out of office and i had to finish this guys video; I finished it 3 days late, since i didn’t had good laptop and stable internet connection and client was unhappy about that (even tho they liked video, they wanted me to change few clips). Next day, they wanted to cancel order and i contacted support and explained my situation about this order. Support is 99% of time on the clients side, so this order was canceled and client got their money back and my video.

So i guess that triggered Fiverr, but i would like to know how is this low quality delivery?

Is there any way to contact Fiverr about this situation?

PS: This Youtube playlist consists of some of my Fiverr “low quality deliveries”:

Also, if some of you don’t believe that today is my birthday, i can upload my ID card, or just go to my Facebook profile (you can find the link on YT playlist that i posted above)


If you can’t contact them through the helpdesk you can contact them through


Email fiverr customer support and if its temporarily disabled then their are chances that account will be restored if you let them know the whole case

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I don’t think it’s temporary

Yes but you can still let them know your case just relax and from cool mind let them know everything and try to prove your point

I guess maybe due to so many cancellations they think that you deliver low quality work

i don’t think i had more than 10 cancelations in 5 years…

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Open a customer support ticket and keep updating us all

Wishing you best of luck

Feeling bad for you. I think your account finally disabled. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

LOL, they even banned me from Reddit and i never posted any spam or link

If you never posted a link to a Fiverr profile/gig you could respond to their message like they say there. Maybe they might unban you from that.

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Wow, after complaining to the moderators they even muted me, so i can’t even speak to them. What a nice website! After 5 years of working and hundreds of thousands of dollars that i made for them they are doing this shit to me… Very nice! Very nice! Good buy Fiverr I’m going to your competition!

They deleted all three posts on Reddit! I don’t know what to do now… So i guess I can’t do anything, they don’t want me to complain. Is Fiverr located in China? This seems like something communist China will do.

Predrag, sritan ti rođendan, ali i o čemu ti??

Why are you going on reddit and forum and similar nonsense? If you have problem with Konzum you do not go to the cleaning lady.

Calm down and write down nice cohesive short explanatory email to fiver support, open a ticket. Anyone can do it, you do not have to be on Fiverr to write to Fiverr support. And wait for their reply.

Ask them to review your case. Do not mention bad laptop internet connection and meteor crashes. None of that is excuse. If you just delivered once or twice bad work that is not reason to ban you.

But if this was happened on longer terms, then think how to fix it.

Plus on another note, you had $5 gig and in description you say:

Also, this is not $5 gig, so please contact me and explain what you want and i will tell you the price!

And then you, as non Graphic designer have Logo service:

Cancellations are not deliveries.

It says low-quality deliveries, so multiple people complained about his work most likely. I can’t see other reason.

And I think those reviews where anonymous (the ones you leave privately to Fiverr).

99% of my orders in last year was from “random video” gig and 99% of them were positive feedback, so i don’t think that’s the problem

Ne kontam o čemu ti. Taj gig nije imao narudžbu godinu dana i više, trebao je biti pauziran. I kakve veze to ima? Znači najnebitniji gig na profilu
I da, kako mi vidiš profil, kad ga ja ne vidim?

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When client leaves review he is also asked to leave private review that only Fiverr can see.

Maybe you had problems with buyers leaving bad review there.

So people would give me positive reviews on profile and then leave negative reviews to Fiverr? WTF?!?