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After 5 years of working on Fiverr my account is disabled on my birthday

I don’t believe people would share bad private reviews and positive public reviews.

I believe there’s something else.

Fiverr would warn you first if it was a simple violation. But the fact that they banned him means a lot of people said his work was not ok. And I do believe multiple people went to customer support at the same time. They won’t disable people randomly…

Did you have multiple 1-2-3-4 star reviews recently? Or only that kind of review?

Like I said above, in last year (or maybe two) 90% of my orders were from “I will create random grunge music video”, where I mash a buch of short clips with similar theme and make music video of them. And i have only one (or maybe two) negative reviews for this gig so i don’t think that people are leaving bad reviews to Fiverr. I never got any alert from Fiverr, just this email about baning my account.

I sent email to customer support this morning and I will keep you updated

Nobody on Reddit can help you, anyway.

No, in Israel.

That’s the only reasonable thing to do.

By the way, if you have created this “iphatbass” account without permission from Customer Support, you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service (even if you did it only to post on the forum or to communicate with CS). Just something to be aware of.

Good luck!


feeling bad… cry:

Reddit’s r/Fiverr is not run by Fiverr, it run by community users.


Are those short clips created by you or someone else?

If they are not yours, that’s copyright infringement and it will lead to an immediate ban.

So, are those short clips your own creation? If you just combine stuff created by others, that’s indeed a low quality delivery and if you did that multiple times and people reported you for that, I can see why you got banned.

It could also be because of the question they get asked in the revisions part.

ie. After a delivery it says to the buyer:

Are you pleased with the delivery and ready to accept it?

If the “no” button is pressed then a menu is shown with these options:

“I still needs Revisions”/“I received a partial delivery”/“I’m dissatisfied with the quality”/“I didn’t receive anything”

They might have pressed the option “I’m dissatisfied with the quality” and that might have flagged it to Fiverr.

Yes, or maybe as he said, he combines short videos, if he didn’t create those videos himself and just uses videos created by others… Then that’s copyright infringement. If a customer flagged him for something like that, it might very well be the case. I don’t see Fiverr banning him for a few bad reviews, be it hidden or public. But who knows.

It might depend on any license he has for the short videos he combines.

Exactly. That sounds like a reason to say it’s a low quality gig, if he doesn’t have a license for the videos. Maybe he comes back and clarifies things for us.

OMg Just reading the title of your post made me feel extremely bad for you. :frowning: