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After 9 years of hard work, gig rotation makes me struggle

Have been working as a seller on Fiverr for 9 years and my gig has always been there on top. It was never an easy thing to do, and I had to work day and night to keep it there.

On last May, my gig went to the last page due to gig rotation. It came back to the same position on September, but it has now gone back to the last page. Well, I didn’t do anything wrong and I was just delivering the exceptional service to all my customers as usual.

I’m still not sure whether this is a bug on Fiverr or they do it on purpose.

I have been putting so much of effort into Fiverr during the last 9 years and this makes me uneasy. What do you think?

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You’ve also forgotten something.

In those 9 years there have been somewhere in the neighbourhood of another 500,000 or so freelancers join Fiverr.

There’s about 25 a week by the looks of the Forum topics about “I’m new to Fiverr, can you help?”

If you feel you should leave, I won’t stop you.

Give your head a shake and come to grips with the fact that things have changed here.

Adapt, or go.


Since you took the time to write this comment, maybe you should’ve taken a bit of extra time to actually help.
The author asked clearly doesn’t know about the gig rotation system that gives new sellers a chance. Instead of being so rude with your “adapt, or go”, you could’ve just explained how the system works.


See the above.


This is why I never put all my eggs in one basket. Fiverr is my preferred freelance platform but in the nearly eight years that I have been here I have seen my gigs increase and decrease in popularity every few months. It’s like a cycle.

As @looseink has said, there are thousands more sellers here now compared to even a few months ago. If you type ‘content writing’ into Fiverr’s gig search you’ll find nearly 18,500 gigs for content writing.

It’s common sense that only a handful of those gigs (in fact way less than 1%) can appear on the first page of results. Yes, consistent 5 star feedback, on-time deliveries, etc. all contribute to where gigs appear in the search results - but at the end of the day no single seller is entitled to appear on page 1, or indeed page 100.

Other experienced sellers might offer an alternative point of view, but based on my own experience I would say ride the rough with the smooth, don’t try to edit your gigs too much (if at all), and hopefully in the next few weeks your gig will become more prominent again. That’s my experience anyway.


I stand by my comment.

There has been an influx of new members here.

It means those of us who have been here a while need to work a little harder at getting noticed.

Complaining about the fair concept introduced known as Gig Rotation is not productive.

But thanks for pointing that out.


Thank you for the comment.

I was simply putting all my eggs on one basket. Its the high time to learn my lesson out of that :slight_smile:

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Check this:

and couple of more topics you can find with people reporting same thing as you.

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It’s never ever wise to invest a ton of time building something you have little control over.

Rotation is a part of being in a marketplace. It’s quite useless to complain about it.


Maybe it depends on reviews/ratings and how relevant it thinks that review is (eg. review length) as well as any private ratings. Maybe the drop in impressions roughly coincided with a particular review.