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After 900+ Completed Orders, I have decided to start a Logo design gig

Hello Fiverr Universe,

I have been doing Photoshop editing gigs on Fiverr for a few years now and have completed more than 900+ orders on the platform.

The past year I have been very inactive here as I was busy learning new skills and finally I have decided to start a new gig which offers professional Logo design services. I have already had good success outside of Fiverr but since the platform has helped me so much, I want to offer my services at the FRACTION of the actual price I charge to clients (in the real world, here -

Here is my gig -

I’m not going to ask for orders here but I want you to review my gig and let me know how I can make the listing better and your overall opinion on it.

Thanks for taking the time out to read. :slight_smile:


Wow, so great. Wish you more success.


Thanks brother. Do check out the gig and let me know if you have any feedback.

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raptargraphix Best of Luck . :heart: :heart: :heart:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi there, welcome back!

I’ve looked at both your new gig and your profile, my thoughts (POV from someone totally not from your niche but who bought a couple of logos):

  • your profile and gig description don’t match, the profile is all “I” and the gig is all “we”, that’s an important “showstopper” for me as a buyer, and I imagine for many other buyers too then

  • generally, I like your “flair”, texts and all, impressed, especially in comparison to much I’ve seen, the profile text could be a bit more unique if you can do that, the last sentence especially should go IMO, it’s a bit pointless and could free up space for something more enticing! :slight_smile:

  • if your standard gig already is ultra, what would I need the premium package for;
    I know, you need a catchy name and it’s not your fault that Fiverr decided to call the packages basic/medium/premium and that you can’t “deactivate” that (I wish we could, same for the “I will”) but you need to work with what you got, imo, standard=ultra just doesn’t work right;
    it’s a detail, sure, but details matter, especially in crowded niches

  • the packages (not just yours, those of many logo designers) confuse me as a buyer, do I get only 3 initial concepts with the premium gig or 3 usable “end product” logos?

I might like all the “goodies” of the premium gig but I might decide I don’t like your logo well enough to really use it;
for me, as a buyer, an offer to buy a higher number of early concepts/ideas you have for my logo, choose one of those, get one of those as end product, would make much more sense;
then, once I decided I want to use your logo (and not that of 2 others, and I know I’m not the only buyer who does that, for such subjective gigs), I’d want to buy all the goodies that come along with the logo in the premium package;

I do realise that how you set your gig/packages up might be the best way to suit your time-management, workflow, time you want to spend on am order, etc., but I think that so few designers build their gigs with a customer-centric view/options that it might be a way to the famed “standing out”;

the last logo I bought, I got the basic gig but would have gladly paid the premium gig’s price for what the basic gig offered just with more early concepts;

perhaps keep that setup if it works for many customers but offer a more modular concept for other buyer needs, like a gig with just increasing numbers of initial concepts, then people choose their fave, order the next gig which gives them the end product logo, then they go on to a gig that offers the “paraphernalia” (file types, source file, different resolutions, social media kit, whatever);

just food for thought, maybe you can do something with it

  • the gig has only 3 images, make use of those 2 PDFs you can upload to show off all the logo styles you can create, at least until you have reviews with portfolio samples shown, graphic gig, I want to see lots of images of what you can do, how your style looks


Good luck with your new gig!

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Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. I’m at a loss of words and truly appreciate this. I’ll be making some changes to my profile description as well as my gigs based on some of your suggestions.

I’m currently working on a portfolio on Flicker and Instagram and I’ll add both the links to my Logo design gig as I complete them.

Also, I am actually part of a team of designers and sometimes use their help with the concepts, etc too so am not sure if I should just speak in first person everywhere or third person everywhere. I’ll narrow down to one type of speech when I make the changes.

Once again, I truly appreciate you taking the time out to write such a long and helpful message.

Flickr is great but don’t add an Insta link ! it’s not on the list of allowed URLs, check this out:

I see your dilemma with I/we then, I’d go for the version that “applies more”. If you do most of your jobs yourself, you could use “I” but mention that you work with a team sometimes for brainstorming or whatever else you do.
It’s not an issue if you use “I” in the profile but “we” in the description if it’s “explained” somewhere. What you don’t want is people to think you can’t decide whether to present yourself as an individual seller or as an agency, so some kind of “explanation” for the I/we would be good unless you want to settle for just the one or the other. Your profile is too good and well-written to potentially lose prospects over that.

My pleasure, hope some of it helps!

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Thanks, I’ll just add in the Flicker link then. I should have a comprehensive portfolio ready within a few days. Am actually making 3D mock ups of 30 of my most favorite Logo designs that I have done over the past couple of years.

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I just checked it, it’s great I don’t know why I don’t get any order in the same logo design I’ve done everything possible