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After a Bad First Experience, I Finally Got My First Completed Delivery!

And it’s great! I could listen to it all day! I ordered from a TRS this time (I really, really, really dig her voice) and it wasn’t cheap, at least to me, but I got what I ordered and then some.

Now here’s to hope that some of the other orders that are still in the works will make me just as happy. Not gonna lie, there’s at least 1 that I am currently considering of cancelling because it was very expensive and so far all I’ve gotten for it is a lack of proper communication.

How did your first order/sale go? :blush:


My first sale literally was the best customer ever. He communicated perfectly, was really nice, left a good review and was a returning customer. I was quite lucky haha.


That’s great to hear! The seller for the gig I ordered seems very happy as well, which is great. And yes, communication is key. (I even gave her a tip because I liked it so much.)


I never expect any tips but tipping the seller really shows that you liked the service overall and I always reply with a personal message when someone tips me to show my gratitude.

Well, it was $5. I’m broke, so that’s a lot to me as far as tips go, but I also wanted to show my appreciation. Great work and effort deserves to be recognized!

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I just read your review! :wink:


Heh. :flushed: It’s a shame I didn’t catch the typo before I hit send, though. Supposed to say “captivated”, not “captured”. xDDD


For me a tip is a tip, 5 dollars and not. Personally I appreciate the actual gesture more then the money itself, the money helps of course haha :grinning:


Speaking of which, do you guys have any tips in this case?

I ordered a custom logo gig a few days ago. Delivery time said 5 days. I was told I’d receive a draft ASAP. Earlier today, roughly 1 day before delivery, I decided to contact the seller. I received no update or message before this time.

I was then told by said seller they have been very busy and haven’t even started working on my project yet! Less than a day before delivery! And I even asked them prior to ordering whether or not they could handle more projects because they had a few in queue. I was reassured that they would manage.

Now, delivery is due in less than 12 hours. I have no draft and literally nothing to work with.

I told the seller that I’m a reasonable guy. That I understand that they were busy and that I don’t mind. I just wish they had told me about it ealier, and not after I contacted them due to days of silence.

Thing is, I don’t wanna be the a-hole guy who lets someone work and then cancels, but it’s a ~$150 project and I’ve gotten nothing so far.

What would you do in this case? Wait some more or cancel and find someone else?

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That has sadly happened to me a lot of times as a buyer. Wait until the timer runs out and then initiate a cancellation. In my opinion, it is unacceptable to deliver late when you have an agreement to deliver by a certain time.

Like you, I also don’t want to be the mean guy who cancels on a seller, but sometimes it is necessary. Especially when the seller has been unresponsive. I have learned that you cannot always be nice. You have to put your foot down sometimes. Otherwise, you may end up being strung along for weeks or even months at a time with no delivery because of constant excuses. It happened to me.


Yeah, thanks. I will do that. What happens if I cancel? Do I have to leave a review? I honestly don’t want to because I imagine they are stressing over it already and a bad review on top might be soul-crushing.

You cannot leave a review if you cancel the order. Your money will be given to you as credit to use on Fiverr. Though, I think if the order becomes “Very Late,” you can cancel the order automatically. Fiverr will then leave an automatic 1-star review from your side saying “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time.” (only if it is “Very Late”)

I think “Very Late” happens two days after the deadline has run out, but I am not 100% sure.

But, of course, it is up to you if you want to cancel. This is just what I would do. If you trust the seller, you can give them a bit more time.


Well, I do not. It’s my first time ordering from them (first custom logo gig in general) and I halted all other orders (meaning I have not placed orders yet) because I need the new logo first. Thing is, some of the other necessary orders are already done/in the process of being done, and I’m honestly getting more irritated by the hour.