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After a bad review not getting order

Last week, i got a review of 2.3. I have 99 review 95 is 5 . After that bad I am not getting any new order. Within this week I have gotten 5 review for 3 previous order. I am asking about this reason to forum member. Please help me.
Last week one fake buyer asked work , He did not agree to pay fiverr. I denied . He threat me about my order.


I don’t think one bad review does effect your services. you have 95 review of 5 start. so your overall rating should be still above 4.7+ .


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sorry to say… when you get bad reviews (stars) it effect your on gig ranking. gig rank depends on star . each start is design by fiverr ranking now, you have one option which is – now you can send buyer request & also send request your old buyer. (dont try to marketing your gig now because It decrease your conversion rate)
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Yes, My overall rating 4.9. One thing, in this time, Will gig marketing bring bad affect ?

My overall rating 4.9. in this time, Will gig marketing bring bad affect ?

yes, it impact on your conversion rate.