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After a Day about the Stars and Stripes, I'm super discouraged about the STARS

Yesterday for the 4th of July, I was a part of an immigrant rights and anti-detention march that was very important to me and definitely took a lot of energy (a couple miles and holding signs and waving) – did you know hours a waving hands can leave your arms sore?

Anyway, I come back to 2 less than 5-star reviews.

One of course was from over 100 days ago…long before the ARS existed…I’ve reached out to the guy and he’s going to agree to a mutual cancellation.

And another, from a person who left a glowing review.

Which surprised me.

I left a message to her as all of my ambition for the day left.

I was so disgusted I took a nap rather than eat lunch (no appetite and I have plenty of reserves LOL) So a couple hours later I wake to this.

So there you have it, it was all a mistake/error/bug/glitch/what-have-you.

First, this is all wrong. My well-being should NOT be this wrapped up in a review! And, it shouldn’t be so hard to do what a buyer intends.

And what the buyer intended was clear from the words of the review, but it just wasn’t 5-stars! BUT she wanted 5-stars. Seriously, this madness needs to stop one way or another.

Just today at the examiner website, there’s a new article about how the ARS is upsetting sellers and uprooting the claims of the freelance lifestyle.

puking and seeing stars…

Yes, the exhaustion that Fiverr has unloaded on hard working sellers numbs my soul. After a while, you are too tired to even care.

The star rating system = fiverr shooting the sellers the middle finger