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After a late delay from a seller, he hasn't even delivered the gig as described! Is it possible to be refunded from fiverr?

I’m honestly VERY surprised that fiverr actually allows some untrustworthy sellers! The crazy thing is that this seller actually has good reviews, so I’m questioning whether its possible that some sellers put fake reviews because after a 2 day delay on a gig that was supposed to be delivered he didn’t even have a good reason as to why it was delayed he simply said he was busy and I understand as we’re all busy with things but I’m thinking, if you are busy, its better to extend the delivery date instead of a late delivery which doesn’t even look good on YOUR part! So after all of that the seller delivered the order which wasn’t even like he described on the gig! I’ve given him a chance to revise it and do it properly like his ad says but my patience is wearing thin! Is it possible to request a refund if the order wasn’t as described? Because prior to this I’ve had mostly good experiences with fiverr sellers that I still continually hire when I need some work for certain projects


Yes, You can open case with CS and they will cancel the order and refund you.


It is explained here:


Thank you very much. I’m cancelling the order because he’s giving me the runaround now making tons of excuses and still not revising the work.

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