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After a long break got an order and successfully completed

Completed My 5th Order Successfully With 5 Star review. After a long break, I got this order.
A piece of small advice for you who still not get an order keep your patience and keep your practice Success will be coming soon for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congragulations Bro for your 5th order
WOW good advice to all members.

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Whoa! I just started my freelancing career here. Thank you for your advice, congratulations by the way, good work!

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Keep going. Best of luck brother :heart:

Yes freelancing need lot of patience. some times it is really really bad. I even tried to switch my profession in the start of freelancing but after some time i got some big projects from fiver. After reaching level two i noticed decrease in orders but hopeful it will be okay soon

Thanks for your compliment :heart: