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After a month my gig dropped from Page 1 to 4 Shall I wait may be it ranks up again or I shall Change Keywords

Please suggest so that I can improve

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If you’ve got relevant keywords for each gig why would you want to change them?

Example - I create videos for plumbers.
If sales slowed down, would I change my keywords to ‘logo design’ - of course I wouldn’t! Pick your keywords correctly to begin with and you won’t go far wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

Remember, every time you edit your gig, it will drop out for a while anyway.


I had not updated that is why confused but got 46 reviews all 5 star but recent was 4.3 star may be this caused?

You only got that review 5 hours ago - don’t worry about it.

There are much better ways of spending your time than worrying which page your gigs are on - honestly, there really are! We all know gig positions are fluid and what happened last week may not happen today or tomorrow.

Good luck! :sunny:
(and stop worrying so much!)


I never look at gig positions.


Your main gig is on the second page, sixth row.

You have four orders in your queue for that.

Do not change anything.

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It changes daily. Some day my gig is in top ten on first page and some days its on 5th page

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what keyword you searched :slight_smile:

I looked at the category your main gig is in and looked through it until I found your gig.

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Thanks for the time you spent. This will help and motivate to wait and not change anything :slight_smile:

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Don’t wait and do nothing… advertise! :wink:

Advertise via social media or any other means that will help.

Suggestion appreciated.