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After a SetBack Crossed $1000+ in a Month bench mark for first time!


Hello Fiverrains,
I’m Ace Cool(Amit Singh) from India and I’m a Computer Graphic Artist.

So 2018 was not so good in terms of freelancing for me and almost a whole year was spent without any work but I was working on my self so i would not call it bad for me.

I was inactive on Fiverr from last of 2017 and my gigs were nowhere in ranking i tried to get them ranked and get work even I posted here in the forum asking what i can do but it was my birthday 23 November when I decided to get back to freelancing with all efforts and I started working on getting work start was good and at the end only in December I have earned $1150+ and still having orders of $500 in queue.

The reason behind sharing this story is that I have inspired my self many times by reading stories here on the forum so just sharing my experience so that people like me can get the motivation to put some efforts.

Looking forward to a great year by 2020 I will have another great story for you guys.

I’m open to any questions please comment below I will try to answer as much as I can.



So amazing and inspiring.
How do you work to make perfect your gigs and what factor do you notice while ranking your gigs?
Wish you all the best :heart_eyes:


Thank you So Much :slight_smile:

I do not try to perfect my gigs i just try to read them couple of times and try to understand what my buyers would like to see while viewing my gig.

Regarding ranking system it really tough to say since it depends on a lot of factors, I would say your category, title and reviews are few of the most important factors.

Best wishes for you too!


Thanks for sharing. Really motivating for a new seller like me.


Glad to hear :slight_smile: