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After a week on Fiverr I got 8 sales out of thousands of impressions. is that normal?

Hi there, im Brian.

Im a new seller here on Fiverr, and my expertise is graphic designs, especially logos.
But im wondering why I get ALOT of impressions and clicks but not that many sales. I don’t complain but is it normal ?
I have been keyword searching and really taken my time to write a good description/profile

Really hope someone can take a look and give me some feedback

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Kind regards

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@karsebrian Brother its normal. Don’t worry. Just be active on Fiverr more and more. Because, Buyers Search for Online Sellers

Hi Brian, I think eight sales after just one week, especially in a highly competitive category like logo design, is very good, actually. Many sellers wait for weeks, or months for their first order.

There’s a specific forum category that people may post their gig links in to get feedback, it’s called “Improve my Gig”, maybe try that.


Thanks brother, just thought the impressions didnt match the sales

Hi, im not complaining, im really happy for the sales. But is it normal to have so many impressions and clicks and then that amount of orders? Im gong to check the forum you suggested out now, thanks alot

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Yes, this is normal and as @miiila has said you’re doing very well.