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After all the talk on the algorithm


April was my best month for a while, and May is turning out to be even better, at this rate, with only 3 days gone. In fact, at this rate, May might well turn out to be my best month yet. All orders, mind you, are from repeat buyers - at least all the big ones. I have a few $10/$15 orders from new buyers, but all the $100+ orders are from older buyers. Is there is a lesson in there, you think, comrades?

For a cricket comparison, for my first two years, I played like Virender Sehwag. Then during my 3rd year, I played like Rahul Dravid. Now, for the last 4 months, I am playing like Virat Kohli. Makes sense?


What about sachin’s style playing in your sales?


Sachin is too great for that…my sales are not that much that I can compare with him :grin:


He is the GOD of cricket :slight_smile:


Sup dude? I´m just here to kill the time. I have a date with a few friends for lunch in the city. I don´t have anything to do at home. I mean, I have done everything I needed to do in the morning. I am ready, all dressed up and in my shoes.


LOL, glad you’re having fun…your message will be deleted shortly because mods don’t like distraction from the main topic :slight_smile: But since it’s my thread, I guess that’s okay. LOL


Totally, bhai.

A typical modern-day cricketer, Virat Kohli plays his game aggressively, bares his emotions loudly in public

#bankemployee :wink:

Hi, Fitrig! :wave:


A friend of mine gave birth several months ago in another country. Now she is home. So I will meet her for lunch together and give a present for her baby (nothing fancy, lol). And a few other friends will come too :slight_smile:

OMG, is that a new rule now? I hope my comments will not be deleted! :innocent: So…


They are fine with anything on my thread…I guess…:joy:


Sup Miiila? How is the weather at your place? :slight_smile:


Ahahaha! I think it should be fine :joy:


:cloud_rain: since days, but that´s okay, I like rain.


It was raining here yesterday late afternoon, it was pretty big but not for long. Today it is sunny. I like the rain too! :slight_smile:


Alright I´m off now. I think I can´t wait until lunch time, my stomach just started to act up. I need to eat something light first before I go. Have a nice day @writer99025 @miiila ! :slight_smile:


Is that the reason you like me? (Just saying)