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After auto complete order


Hi any body know that After auto completion of order .Their any period for buyer to review the order or he cann’t review after a month ? or any time he can review ?


A buyer may post a review on their completed order up to 30 days after delivery.


if he not review within 3o days then he can’t ?


That’s a myth. Last week a buyer left a review for an order that was 2 months old. (it was 5 stars so not complaining)


30 days is the review window that Fiverr promotes. I cannot comment on the nature of your 2-months example because that is outside the review limit that Fiverr allows. I have no idea why a buyer was able to leave a review that long after delivery.


Agree with @jonbaas nice reply


That makes two of us. I really don’t like all this uncertainty in life.


some times they never post a review.sometimes it happens


I’m right there with you. However, life would have no need or risk, bold choices, or the sweet feeling of success if we knew everything that was going to happen in the future. The not knowing is what drives businesses to be better, thereby improving incomes and the economy. :wink:


Yes, but I’d appreciate Fiverr just a tad bit more if it didn’t make me feel like John Snow every day.


I think it is because you are so special that the Fiverr god’s light shines down on you! :flashlight: :laughing: :wink:


Don’t Know Really A good Valuable Question


Nice Joke hahahaha.lolzzz


That’s right. Orders can not be rated after 30 days.