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After become level one lost orders

After i got the level one badge i have lost the Orders is it a common issue here or Do i have to change my gigs? I have made new Gigs as well and have the Good condition of impressions and also Traffic to the gig
Everything seams to be Good But still I don’t get any Orders now for 6 months… like to find-out why

Any suggestions ?

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It fluctuates a lot, but 6 months is a really long time. Your statistics are going up though. If they keep going up, wait, if they don’t, change things.


i have started promoting i think that’s why its getting up. do i have to keep massage my repeating buyers ? I had some repeat buyers. when i see there profiles they haven’t place any orders since then.

Don’t keep messaging past buyers. You can message the sporadic buyer for a specific reason now and then, but never insist.


Same to me.I can’t understand how happand it?

cant we have any solution for this :frowning:

You already have:

  1. Wait for orders to come, do other stuff in the meanwhile
  2. Change your gigs and profile to see if it gains more traction.
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