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After being disappointed with 1st one, I recently published my 2nd gig and now looking for experts opinion to avoid getting disappointed again


Hello Everyone,

After being disappointed with my 1st gig, I took a pause for a few months and published my 2nd gig the day before yesterday. I really don’t like to experience the same disappointment for my second. So, can you guys please suggest me if I did it right this time? Your advice, comments, opinions will be highly appreciated. Here’s my gig link:

Thanks in advance.


Hey there!

Here are a few tips:

  1. Edit the thumbnail of your video. The default one isn’t great ( choose a moment in the video such as: However I would personally reshoot your video and do two things:

a. Crop the ending so we don’t see you stopping the recording

b. Smile a little more when you are presenting - this is more inviting and would also make a better thumbnail. Your current recording/tone comes across as quite serious and rigid. If you’re not very comfortable behind the camera, practice with a few different shoots/styles/scripts and see which comes across the best.

  1. Rethink your pricing structure. Currently I could buy 2x your bottom tier for $10 and receive more value than your $15 middle tier.

  2. Upload a PDF of a sample report - this doesn’t have to have exclusive data inside (i.e. give away trade secrets of your gig) but could just demonstrate the format a user will receive. Buying online is often very visual, so show this more.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hello Twistedweb,

What a wonderful review you’ve done for me! I am amazed. Especially the pricing point you noticed. I never thought that way!

And also you’ve rightly identified what I was already concerned about, my video. Unfortunately, I don’t have a smiley good looking face and am a shy kind of person. But, as it was one of the most recommended factors, I hardly managed to shoot one video after several attempts. Even I changed my profile pic with my own image just a few hours back for that same most recommended reason.

Buyers don’t like to trust without real photos. But I think my photo will distrust them more. What a dilemma!

However, many thanks for your time and really valuable advice. I would definitely follow.

Best Regards :orange_heart: